Wirecard Statement 8 February 2019

Wirecard notes yesterday's article in the Financial Times. This is the third time that the same highly confidential documents from a compliance audit have been used as the basis for a defamatory media coverage. These documents date from the beginning of May 2018 when an internal investigation was initiated and list the allegations of one employee against another employee (as described in both Wirecard’s statement and conference call on Monday, February 4, 2019).

Since then, these allegations have been investigated in a robust compliance process both by our internal compliance team and by an independent investigation conducted by a law firm specializing in compliance (Rajah & Tann). Neither the internal investigation by our Compliance Department has found any confirmation for the allegations made, nor has the external investigation by Rajah & Tann to date produced any conclusive findings regarding criminal misconduct by employees or managers (we refer to the statement by Rajah & Tann at ir.wirecard.com). The investigation by Rajah & Tann is about to be completed and we will announce the results in due course. In the article published yesterday, Wirecard employees are slanderously prejudged with unproven and false allegations. We will use all available legal means to protect the company and in particular our employees and their personal rights. Wirecard is taking legal actions against FT and its unethical reporting.

Iris Stöckl

VP Corporate Communication and Investor Relations


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