Wirecard AG Statement 17 December 2019

In addition to our statement from 10 December 2019, we would like to reiterate once again: 

  • The assertion that the Excel documents, which have been quoted in various media, are an evaluation of the key figures of 34 merchants is wrong. It is correct that within the Wirecard Group, thousands of merchants were processed in the backend via the highlighted partner Al Alam in 2016, all bookings were correctly carried out and accounted.
  • It was repeatedly misrepresented that business with three partners contributed around 90% of the Wirecard Group’s EBITDA in the 2016 financial year. This is also wrong.
  • It is correct that the overall gross profit (turnover minus material costs) which was generated with acceptance services provided via licenses of partners amounted to EUR 109 million in 2016 (total gross profit of the Wirecard Group in 2016: EUR 528 million).

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